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Follow Tommy Godwin's Year Record daily mileage

Tommy Godwin

I heard of Tommy Godwin's "Year Record" back in 2006.

A post on the Mersey Roads 24hr thread on tritalk.co.uk reminded me about it and the Dave Barter at phased.co.uk now shows you daily updates on where Tommy would've been during his attempt.

For example: "On Sunday 29th January 1939 Tommy Godwin rode a total mileage of 109 miles bringing his year total to date to 4,447 miles."

You can also receive a daily tweet of the mileage ridden by Tommy Godwin by following the Twitter account @yearrecord.

See also: www.youtube.com - Tommy Godwin Memorial

www.phased.co.uk - Tommy Godwin FAQ

Dave is trying to find more information about Tommy so If you have any information concerning Marcel Planes, Arthur Humbles, Ossie Nicholson, Walter Greaves, Bernard Bennett, Rene Menzies or Tommy Godwin please get in touch with him: Dave Barter - dave AT phased.co.uk

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