Autumn Epic Sportive (5th October 2008)

Mal and I trained to Knighton from London on Saturday. We’d ended up with more changes but a quicker overall journey. Why trips listed on aren’t available when you try to book them at the station I do not know. Nevermind.

It turns out the Fleece House B&B I’d booked was run by a Polish woman. Mal had someone to talk to! 🙂

We dropped our stuff off and wandered around the small town of Knighton. Getting off the train, we’d actually met Christian, who I’d met at the previous Welsh sportive – the Devil Ride. He was staying just down the road and we met later for dinner and some beers (well, I had some beers, he was being much more disciplined and stuck to one :)).


start, loads returning (dandy horse)

windy as hell!

steep descent

found sunglasses

DEEP water crossing

dried up whilst in the Elan Valley – beautiful dams

massive climb – smoked it 🙂

almost lost it

I love how it rains only during the ride.. Sat and Mon were blue skies.. 🙂

Le Poisson had a laugh on this ride – I decided not to worry about time again since my training has stopped and the conditions weren’t so nice to be risking fast descents. I saw about 20 people riding back. Later found out some of them had gone down on a slippery corner.

Lovely scenery. Horrid conditions until the Elan valley but the views were awesome. I stopped a few times to take photos of the dams (numb hands don’t help). The “creek crossing” reminded me of Day 3 of Tour of Wessex. This was definitely deeper though Wessex was wetter and windier. 🙂 I’d love to ride this course again in the dry but it does make it more of a challenge in the wet and I’m very glad I stuck with it.

Great stuff organisers and many thanks to the volunteers out on the course and at the finish. I had a fantastic long weekend in Knighton.

423 people doing the Long. 1000 entries total. 🙂

150th from 420.

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