4 thoughts on “9 days to go..”

  1. Well… the world hasn’t ended yet. However, we are in a different tome zone, so maybe when the time in the US reaches the time in the UK then i may be able to jump into another dimension… Will let you know how i go.

  2. I too am in another time zone after conducting my own experiment last night… I took some beer particles and some THC particles and smashed them together inside my body. The world is a different place today. It’s like I’m walking around in slow motion with a blanket over my head. I wonder if that’s how the people in the villages above the Hadron collider feel like today…

  3. http://www.hasthelhcdestroyedtheearth.com/

    (I was the person who inspired him/her to provide the RSS feed; see the html comments)

    Also, to demonstrate just how seriously they take safety at the LHC, there is a webcam:


    But more to the point, I’ve just realised that even though I have the time and money right now, I realise I don’t have the guts to tour around Europe on the bicycle. How the feck did you do it?

    Blame any speeling mistooks on teh bottle of Ardbeg I just drakn.

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