15 May 2004

Ordered an ENO eccentric hub from Dan at Atomic Industries. 130mm spaced, 32h, $225. Arrival time = ?

Drove (urgh) to Bicycle Recycle in the hope of picking up a used road frame for my ‘road-fixie’ project.

This shop is COOL! So much bike stuff! I was there all afternoon – which kinda made up for the crappy drive over.

Spotted some suitable but cheap/heavy bikes out front and looked at a few candidates inside – some frames, some complete bikes.

Looking at 54-56cm frames. The Perkins that “Jay” mentioned on the phone the week before was 56cm seat tube but 58cm top tube (C-C) which I thought too long and moved onto measuring:

– nice white pearl Perkins, 54cm, $650 complete bike

– grey Viner who’s silly owner had painted over the original paint! 54cm $550 complete bike, waiting on whether or not they will strip it down to frame only for $200.

– nice red Viner frame $350

– MBK(?) yellow frame $250

– pink Vetta w/ Campy 8spd, $200 for frame/fork only

The pink Vetta would’ve been perfect (I would’ve left it pink too!) but it had internal cable routing and the grey Viner seemed much nicer to ride for some reason.

So, I’m waiting to see whether or not they pull down the grey Viner and how much its frame would be…

Now that I think about it, the 58cm toptube on the red Perkins might be okay for me, given that I ride a 56cm toptube + 10cm stem now.. can’t test ride a frame though 🙁 Need some a.b opinions about this…

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