A Short History of Nearly Everything

El Seano modelling The Short History of Nearly Everything:

I found this image funny because we both bought Bill Bryson’s book during our separate European travels. We both cycled. We both worked for the same company. God damn copycat! 😛


Unfortunately, due to the laws of astrophysics, the original image cannot be altered. I instead offer this modified image as an alternative for the United Christian Hands Across Gods America members. Cast not your eyes upon the foulness above! Bathe in the gloriousness of his holiness.. (hippy agrees, the knee WAS a bit too much!)

El Seano Updato

5 thoughts on “A Short History of Nearly Everything

  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    It has come to our attention that your use of the copyrighted material entitled "Sexy Guy reading Cool Book" breaches several of the internets decency standards, and you are here by requested by United Christian Hands Across Gods America to censor the offending material, either by:

    (a) Obscuring those all too sexy eyes.

    (b) Covering that knee

    (c) Placing a fluffy bunny rabbit on the seat in the background.

    Your acquience in this matter is greatly appreciated. You are also requested to say 15 Hail Marys and hunt down at least 2 vampires.

    Kindest regards,

    El Seano

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