a3crg 50mi TT – P885/50


I’ve only done three 50s this year. One was the day after a 100, so pretty slow (2:03) and the other was cut short with a p_nct_re. The season is running out so this was pretty much my last chance to nail a PB and bump my BBAR rank a bit. A few mistakes were made but thankfully still managed to improve my 50, taking over 3 minutes off last year’s best time (1:56:55). It was a power PB for the distance too so it’s not just aero gains from the new bike. I had issues with circulation in my left leg again which slowed me down – I need to see a doctor for an ankle brachial index test I reckon. The course was very well marshalled but I stupidly missed a couple of signs and took the wrong options. Those cost me time from the detours as well as the anger-initiated power spike? that followed them. The course also suited a bigger gear range and I was still runnnig smaller chainrings from the 24hr. I was in my biggest gear down a lot of the hills and could’ve done with some more teeth up front. Mal didn’t have any bottles to hand up during this so I kept her entertained by pretending I was a Slayer front-man or something. A good result. Pretty happy with that and didn’t have to spend a whole day riding 🙂


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