Burwood In, Doncaster Out & Dalmore Drive DFL

Found a section of Doncaster Rd today where they are redoing the tram lines. No access to cars.. but bikes slip through 🙂

It was at the tail end of 3.5hrs on the roadie (Burwood Hwy, City, Doncaster Rd, Home). I’ve decided to add Doncaster Rd. to my list of “commute routes” just to get some extra kays in. Did it today as part of my program and to see what it looks like in daylight 🙂

I rode past all the construction (barriers are for carse not bikes :P) and noticed they are laying down some serious amounts of concrete in some deep holes – not something I want to hit at night!

Pretty sore today after 5-6hrs on the bike yesterday, including 1hr spent racing a hot C grade crit at Dalmore Drive. DFL thankyou very much, after doing a turn chasing a break and then being caned by the following bunch! Shit! Carl won it from the break – nice one!

Also used Saturday to find that I can’t corner for shit! It was basically a hard day’s riding that left me physically drained and mentally depressed. Not good.. must fix that during the upcoming season. Maybe I should start bike drag racing? Then I wouldn’t have to worry about hills or corners!! 🙂