Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club

Supportin’ the homeland..

23rd September, Mildura. Click below for the race details. $1000 prize money up for grabs!

Sunday Sept 23 is the date for the clubs first enduro race, and with a generous donation from the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club there’s $1000 cash up for grabs!

The race will be held at the C-M Mountainless Bike Clubs home track, situated behind the Coomealla golf course on a beautiful bend of the Murray River. – birthday bash enduro

5 thoughts on “Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club

  1. You haven’t ridden dirt since you’ve been here?!! You should not miss out. The weather, food, and prices may all be terrible, but the man made trails are excellent. They’re all-weather (they’d have to be…), a very good workout, and scenic too.

    Spend some time away from the dark side. Borrow a proper bike and get up the M4 to Afan.

    The mountain biking here keeps me going till I can make my escape back to Aus.

  2. Did you check out the Tour of the Murray which went thru Mildura, Merbein and Ouyen to name a few, last week.

  3. The issue I have with mtb’ing is the whole M4 bit. I don’t want to drive anywhere to ride. Maybe if I could get the bike on a train? But the faffing around really turns me off the idea. Should’ve done SSWC07 but the bike’s still in the shop, travel, time off, blah excuses..

    Not heard anything about the Tour of the Murray, sorry. Don’t keep up with any more. Mainly watch races on Sky+ these days, so minor/non-euro races don’t get any coverage.

  4. I know what you mean about motorways, and we don’t have a car anyway.

    It can be done by train. Neath railway station to Afan is about 9 miles uphill – friends have done it with all their camping gear on their backs, but I like the idea of that.

    We’ve just bought a (2nd hand) BOB Ibex trailer – I don’t know what the station and train staff will think of that…

    Bikes on trains are a faff. You pretty much have to book a bike space (for free) in advance, and there are lots of different train types, not all with much bike room.

    We did just go up to Culrain by train, pootle around the north west highland coast and down the great glen, and then get the train back to Bristol, all without problem. But there was a 25 minute section of the route home, just north of Glasgow, that was unbookable for the bikes, which would have tested my sense of humour if there’d been no room.

  5. Yeah, the bikes on trains situation is pretty crap in UK compared to Germany, for instance. Yesterday I was standing with my bike all the way back from Brighton because they don’t have bike carriages.

    Coming back from Nottingham the train had a special area for bikes which was much nicer.

    I’m happy doing my road kays (miles pfft! :)). I could give cyclocross a go – that’d be novel! 🙂

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