Duathlons are fun.. 'cept for that running bit.. and missing wallet..

Skipping the AlpeDueEast/BR7 group ride I planned to race the short ‘dash’ duathlon (2k Run/8k Ride/1k Run) and then hussle to make it to the C grade crit at Glenvale Cres. Cold, early morning (4degC) start, register, very short warm up, extra 2k added to the ride and then off for the first run leg. 20 or so people racing and 10 were in front of me after the 2k (hippy loves running!). Slow transition to bike (I was stuffed!) and then off to make up some places. I’m not sure how many places I made up because by the second lap I think I was lapping the slower entrants and I lost count. On the second run I was really fighting for air.. I just couldn’t maintain the pace and I was passed by 4 or 5 guys. Drank some of Taylormade’s sport drink and then had to get out quick to try and make Glenvale. At 9am (C-grade start time) I was only at Elgar Rd. and had no chance of starting the race so I turned around (probably incurring a few speeding fines) and went back to see how the others went.

Headed to a cafe for a hot chocolate (in my case) or pancakes with banana, bacon, maple syrup and ICECREAM in some freak’s case!! (You know who you are.. ). Had to leave to pick up a set of road wheels I was buying from a dude advertising on the ‘net. On arriving at the meeting place I realise I don’t have my wallet.. anywhere! FSCK!

I explain to the dude what’s happened and he’s understanding while I race off back to the cafe to find my wallet.. no luck.. SHIT! Off to Steve’s to return the cat basket I borrowed to transport Hatchback home the other day (I was in the area – may as well). Check at the cop shop near the cafe before heading along the path I travelled when I lost it.. nothing.

On the way home I pick up a post-race tub of Tiramisu ice-cream from Diary Bell and then set about calling various banks to cancel my cards (after Tee insisted). Just as I’m about to pick up the phone, it rings, and a guy says “I’ve got your wallet”. Awesome!! Terry from Streetwise Software had picked it up in the street outside my office (it must have fallen out of my pocket as I suspected) and must have looked me up. All is saved! Call wheel guy and arrange another attempt at ‘cash for wheels’.

So, the day didn’t quite go to plan, but it could have been worse. Oh, I heard that one of the riders in the Dash (a footballer.. no surprise then.. ) took the wrong turn and then in his haste to rejoin the race, knocked a spectator over! This, in a frickin’ 30min race! No medal, no money, no Olympic gold and his own stupidity causes the injury of an innocent woman. Anyway, he was DQ’d, so I want to find out where I finished..