Ealing -> Dinton Pasture -> Ealing

Hot weather produced a massive turnout for the Willesden CC club run. Short ride was to Windsor, whilst our ride to Dinton Pasture. Pace was higher than usual with copper Paul? driving the bunch. This was good for me as I’m thinking of joining a faster bunch anyway. It was actually hot enough to require drinking – what a novel change! Cafe stop involved a bottle of Coke rather than a coffee. On the way out, Scotsman Jim “lost his bottle” and went back for it. I waited for him, thinking I was keeping an eye on which way the bunch went. Alas, no. We rounded the first, visible corner, to be confronted by another choice of direction. Ten minutes of choosing random streets and we were resigned to riding home as a team o’ two.

Still, we set a reasonable pace and beat the bunch back to Denham. Finished with 122.5k on the books.

Dinton Pasture – Google Map