Ealing -> Wendover -> Ealing

Not a club run, this was straight down the A413, around the round-a-bout in Wendover and back again. Program for Saturday said 90k and I did good for once, only going over by 7k.

Averaged 30kph before the turn around and probably a little more on the return leg thanks to a tail wind. Need to veer off course next time, get lost in the hills somewhere.. I know they’re out there..

6 thoughts on “Ealing -> Wendover -> Ealing

  1. No mention of your adventures yesterday?

    That’s some quick riding there. Maybe a time trial soon?

    By the way, Willesden Richard was perving at your calves yesterday. They are admittedly terrifying.

  2. So does that mean they’re cows now not calves…hahaha… sorry, super tired and high on a sugar buzz from too many doughnuts at work this morning.

  3. Though I usually steer clear of puns, I’d say that’s a load of bullocks. Pull the udder one, etc. etc.

  4. I’ll get around to taking the piss out of you guys, err, I mean writing up the ride 😉

    "terrifying calves" – I like that. I’m gonna use it on my CV. 🙂

    Mmm… doughnuts (good to see you didn’t spell it donuts Simo!)

    You’re really milking it Ed, just quit it and moove on..

  5. Have you herd the one about the cows in the snow? One said ‘I’m Friesian’, the other one said ‘It’s OK, I’m a Jersey’.

  6. Look what I?ve started in my over tired sugar induced delirious state… yes hippy you do have glorious gastrosoleus!

    And I accept your correction on the spelling of ?donuts? I could have called them Krispy Kreme?s ?the rest of the American language is based upon brand names. We don?t vacuum, we Hoover. Photocopying, what?s that? We Xerox it!

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