Fixed/singlespeed frame weights

Bike Bicycle Frame Weight Scales

Mostly off-the-peg and I’m not vouching for the accuracy as these are mostly figures collected from the big bad blogosphere or world wide wank or whatever you wanna call it..

Van Dessel Drag Strip Courage

Frame: 998g, Fork: ?

Condor Stadio

Frame: 1035g, Fork: 550g

IF Ti Crown Jewel Track Frameset

1221g (2.69lb, not sure of size or fork inc.)

Condor Percorso

Frame: 1400g, Fork: 545g

Argon 18 Electron

Frame: 1495g (claimed), Fork: 395g (claimed), 1502g (actual, Medium, tynan)

Reynolds 853 Bob Jackson (56cm)

1502g (without fork)

Unbranded Titanium Track Frame

Frame: 1520g (57cm, frame only)

Pinarello Pista Surprise

Frame: 1542g, Fork: ?

Condor Lavoro

Frame: 1550g, Fork: 550g

Specialized Langster

1587g/3.5lbs (not sure what’s included or frame size)

IF Steel Crown Jewel Track Frameset

1620g (not sure of size or fork)

On-One Ti Geared Inbred

Frame: 1365g/3.01lb – 1587g/3.5lb (claimed), 1660g (actual, 16″, tynan), fork:

Koga Pro Track

Frame: 1535g (53cm), Fork: 516g (same as Alpina/4ZA)

Condor Classico Pista

Frame: 1600g, Fork: 700g

Pearson Touche (56cm)

Frame: 1720g, Fork: 577g

20y.o. Reynolds 753 steel frame (52cm)

Frame: 1,760g, Forks: 620g

Fixie Inc. Peacemaker

1800g, Al6061-T6 fork: 550g

Condor Pista

Frame: 1800g (55cm verified on my scales), Fork: 545g (700g on my scales)

Condor Tempo

Frame: 1800g, Fork: 580g

Soma Rush

Frame: 1814g (frame only)

Bob Jackson Vigorelli

Frame (56cm): 1860g, Fork: 840g

Dolan FXE (58cm)

Frame: 1920g, Fork: 620g

EAI Bareknuckle (56cm, will@hubjub)

Frame: just under 2000g, Fork: 900g

Fuji Track (not sure of size or if it includes fork)

Frame: 2050g (4.5lb), Complete: 8550g (18.8lb)

Surly Steamroller (56cm)

Frame: 2010g (also 2000g), Fork: 916g (also reported 850g uncut)


Frame (54.5cm) & Fork & Hatta HS & DA 7400 BB: 2600g

On-One Il Pompino

Frame: 1859g/4.1lbs, Fork: (51cm)

Frame: 2150g, Fork: 843g (54cm)

Genesis Flyer (520 CroMo)

Frame: 2270g, Fork:

Kona Paddy Wagon

Frame: 2636g or 2268g, Fork: 907g (58cm), “2lb heavier than Pearson, over a pound on Surly?s Steamroller”) (5.0lb frame and 2.0lb fork, 22.46lbs

Charge Plug

Frame: 2500g, Fork: 912g

Sparton Track

Frame: 2948g

Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta

2902g/6.4lbs (original frame w/ double-crown fork) or 2721g/6lbs (butted tubeset w/ laser cutouts)

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  1. Interestingly, bike weights were a contentious issue at Worlds – bikes that had in previous years been overweight were suddenly 500g-1kg underweight. My own bike was 180g over min limit just by taking off the profile bars and cups (leaving just the bullhorns) when at home it had weighed in at 1.2 kg over min weight. The very next day with the sticks back on the aerobars, it suddenly weighed 900grams more than the day before!! They be heavy carbon fibre sticks!!! 😉

  2. Did they change the weight rules or something? Did you leave the spokey dokeys and water bottles on?

    Hey, do you have a power meter? Powertap or SRM or something

  3. shh you’ll give away my spokeydokey secrets!

    No powermetering on this psuedo pocket rocket – maybe next year when I stop buying wheels!

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