How cold/wet/windy was it!?! Sheet!

Bloody hell.. that ride was kinda cool but kinda sucked too. I mean, it was shit weather and it was tough just pushing the pedals, but I was still grinning like an idiot down in St. Kilda when the wind was so strong I couldn’t steer in a straight line! Respect to Neil who after stacking on wet tram tracks and needing an hour in front of my heater just to thaw out was insane enough to go out again for another dose!

My brakes disappeared on the way home thanks to all the road grit combined with water. It all set into this mess:

Road grit

Close road grit

I left half my rim walls on the road..

This is ‘some’ of the road grit that I squeezed out of my clothes.. yes.. my clothes! We are talking road bike here, not mtb and this is only the grit that didn’t get washed down the drain! Messy stuff:

Lycra grit collection

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