Ouch.. Turbo Torture..

turbo trainer mag trainer

That was the worst indoor training session ever! Willesden CC have started their turbo sessions again. Now, if it was an evil hard session it wouldn’t be so bad, unfortunately it was the ‘worst session ever’ because I couldn’t fscking do it!

2 months of liver abuse while off the road bike has apparently left me very, very unfit! Started okay but pretty soon I was hanging over the bars on an express train to Vomit City while others were madly sprinting away.. Fsck! That’s it.. riding is going up, drinking going down!

In other news my work have removed my secure bike lockup so I’ve now got to build up a beater to lock outside.. due to some Londoners being thieving scum. Sonofafsckingbitch!

I already have the Armstrong frame..