Short Changed

I noticed this morning the HRM had stopped just before I made it home on Sunday. With a quick recalculation I gained back the 8k, meaning I did in fact pass 400k for the week!

This is the reason I can’t walk down steps without looking feeble. Back on the bike today for some very slow commuting. Quite happy with myself that I managed not to chase anyone today and kept the HR nice and low.

2 thoughts on “Short Changed

  1. Hehe…and to think that I only just reached 550k on my bike 😉 I did take a month off though with the knuckle being all knackered and all! I had it’s first service the other day so looking forward to riding it to work tomorrow…

  2. 415k this week 🙂

    It was supposed to be an easier week :S

    Your bike should shift nicer after its first service as all the cable stretch should be gone and stuff bedded in nicely.

    I took my new bike out on Saturday.

    It’s friggin’ lush!

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