Back from Prague now.. It snowed, it snowed, it SNOWED!!!!!

It was even snowing at Stansted Airport when we arrived back in England! (It’s -2degC in London now).

Briefly: Drank loads of Czech beer, ate loads of traditional food (mmm dumplings and goulash..), explored a bunch of beautiful buildings and generally wandered around the lovely city, bought my first scarf, played in the snow (I like snow!), drank loads of Czech beer, bought some souvenirs (something I didn’t do during my bike tour), played with the others (Grant & Sheila, Steve & Nelsie) in our toasty apartment (hehe.. Fur TV!), added two beanies to my growing beanie collection, drank hot mead (18% not 80%), ate sweet twirled thingies, scoured Christmas markets (blue, neon xmas trees?!), took a few photos, watched the Astronomical Clock on the Town Hall do its skeleton dance, collected beer paraphernalia, lost my voice, lost at poker, crossed Charles Bridge and climbed towers, explored Prague Castle, struggled to come up with a background to this, wondered aloud about the clothes worn by the “women of the night” in sub-zero Prague temps (didn’t manage to get a quote after all ;)), tasted carp (much-hated fish in Australia and has nothing to do with the hookers! ;)), drank hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream, bought enamel cat trinkets, lost sleep chewing Sheila’s ear off and again with the Czech beer and running around like a stoopidhead (scored 5quid for walking down the street to buy a Rizek in my yellow smiley-face boxer shorts and a t-shirt – any wonder I have a cold now), stood on the river bank at night after the snowfall and sighed at the beauty of it all, won and lost random games of Rock-Paper-Scissors and Thumb Wars, snatched coasters from many hospoda (pubs), pondered the meaning of life, cured cancer, blah, blah, the usual tourist stuff! 🙂

As always, full report will probably not follow because I’ll be too lazy and/or doing something else, like: Hogmanay. 🙂

5 thoughts on “SNOW!!!

  1. "…stood on the river bank at night after the snowfall and sighed at the beauty of it all, …" and your Mum thought your Mushie-Bender was fruitless! Pah!

    Sounds like a (busy) nice time!

    This is where I’m going for New Years dude: Click on the link to the NYE ConFest. "Clothing optional" Hippy festorama. Hippy girls! Yay!

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