TdF – Pushing Broadcasting to the Limit

Just some TdF nerdage I felt a need to link to.. – tdf – tdf

I missed tonight’s tour update because I was held hostage in a pub (again). Common problem over here I’ve found..

I’m not sure I will make it to 2am to watch the repeat. What to do.. what to do?

I didn’t even get to read the live coverage. Damn this silly “work” thing!

2 thoughts on “TdF – Pushing Broadcasting to the Limit

  1. 20TB RAID storage… mmm 😛 I’ve got 800G… does that count? lol…

    There you go. There’s your token Nerdy comment.

  2. $800 grand? Yeah, you could buy a lot of storage space for $800 G’s..

    There’s my token sarcastic, nit-picking, arseholey response. 😉

    Work sucks. Why can’t I be paid to think and do fsck all?

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