That was a shit hot commute…

Doncaster Rd is heaps cooler than Maroondah Hwy.. bigger hills for faster speeds but the uphills don’t seem any worse!

I ‘sat on’ the best and worst types of “drafting” vehicles. The first was a tray-truck with a tray that was almost made for chopping the heads off close-following cyclists! (and I was CLOSE following!). The other was a common LandCruiser. The Toyota was just the right height to see through the front windscreen while making use of its ample size for wind pushing duties. I hooked up with that at just the right speed and sat on for ages! Weeeeeeeee!!

Also met a d.u.d.e with red/blue flasher on his backpack.. Cop stylee for $10 from Carribean Gardens 🙂

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