This sounds like my kind of race!

Calling all Tour de Donut riders…

“Just wondering if there were any of you going to the Tour de Donut race this coming Saturday July 10th in Staunton Illinois. It will be my first time to ride it but believe it will be great fun. If they run the same 30 mile route as in the past years you ride about 13 miles then stop and eat as many glazed donuts as you can, then ride 9 miles and stop and chow down again then ride the final 8 miles back to town. For each donut eaten they deduct 5 minutes off your total time. They have mens and womens classes and a mens over 50 class and had about 525 riders last year I was told. Hope to see some of you there. I’ll be on the old orange & yellow Schwinn Continental, probably near the end of the pack (or along the side of the road getting sick!).”

– Mark Bentley

“Mmm donuts..”

– Homer Simpson