Tour de Arsenal & Smithfield Nocturne

Good day out. Rode to Arsenal Emirates stadium with 31trum. Met slaam and Aidan and then beat 31trum at a roller race. Three LFGSS members in the top 10 for the day. Fixed Aidan’s puncture (I’m so frickin’ helpful ain’t I?). Then met Mal in the Duke of York, downed a few pints and rolled over to the Smithfield Nocturne – a series of races around Smithfield Market, including elites, couriers and even a Le Man start folding-bike race! Got home eventually. Great day!

Rollapaluza – Tour de Arsenal

Smithfield Nocturne

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  1. That’s photo is an amazingly phallic symbol. I had never realised what the deal with champaign spraying was, before this.

  2. Well, that’s not really the image to please the sponsors but I guess it depends on the sponsors. These guys are wearing pink kit..

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