Zipp 404s w/ Powertap – Bling!

Another wired Powertap died on the Kinesis and Gizmond listed these on so I hatched a plan. Zipp 404s with wireless Powertap go on the good bike and the wireless Powertap with Open Pros can be moved to the Kinesis. The wired Powertap can then be shipped to Paligap for conversion to wireless and then I’ll think of something to do with that wheelset. The sad part about this upgrade is the S-Works probably won’t be ridden for 6 months whilst I wait for England’s crappy winter ‘seasons’ to vanish.

2 thoughts on “Zipp 404s w/ Powertap – Bling!

  1. That looks like one schweet BLING! ride now. Nice one 🙂

    Sent you a text about my growing love for the SS 29er Inbred. Looooving the simplicity of un-sprung singlespeed. Took it out for a 1hr ride around Belgrave Heights yesterday – on and off road – but I’m yet to go for a substantial ride offroad in the ‘nongs with it. Getting that singlespeed mind though. Final re-alignment will happen when my genetics modify to allow me to grow a beard ala The Second Coming of Jesus (Brett Belchambers World and Multiple Aussie SS 24hr Champ).

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