2015-10-03 – Leo 30mi TT – E2/30c

1:00:47, 18th overall

My first 30mi TT so a PB for sure! Really though I was aiming for the club record set in 1991 by Peter Cookson which stood at 01:04:08.

This course was very fast so I had a good chance and in the end managed to knock about 4 minutes off the old record. Right at the start the Garmin 810 stopped as so as I got the GO! so I frantically rebooted it.  It’s since gone back to Garmin for a refund. Avoid!

My left leg lost circulation again and I messed up some of the turns, especially the last, sharp left-hander where I thought I was finished but still had to climb up the ramp! Doh!

If it was a 25mi event I would’ve got the 25mi club record too so now that is on the cards for 2016. Nice end to an interesting season – might have to race it again in 2016 to bring it below the hour.

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