2018 Revolve 24hr @ Brands Hatch

Kevolar, Steve, Malwinki and I won the Mixed 4s category. We were beaten to the Overall Mixed team prize by about 14 laps – they were a team of 8 riders though so I don’t feel so bad about that (we weren’t watching outside our category anyway – probably should read the rules again!).

Weather this year was nicer than last time I raced here a couple of years ago and the hills seemed a little bit smaller :). It was still chilly off the bike but racing was warm all night. We slept in the car this year instead of setting up a tent. I think everyone had fun and now Mal has better win ratio than me by a long stretch! Time to get her a 10mi time…

Revolve 24hr – 4-person team – Isobar Compression

hippy at Revolve 24hr

hippy at Revolve 24hr

I’m getting very lazy with race reports so here’s Jasmijn’s blog about the Revolve 24hr. Basically it was quite similar to 24hr MTB enduros I’d raced in Oz without all the crashing and dirt. Think 6 x 25mi TTs spread over a 24hr time period. We were racing for custom compression-wear company Isobar Compression (I’m wearing their bespoke calf-guards in the picture above) so big thanks to them for the kit and allowing us to race and to Jas for pulling the team together and winning us the bubbly 🙂

Team Isobar Compression:

2016-06-25 BDCA 50mi TT (A50/6)


PB and new club 50 mile record.

PB by ~4min and finally got Pete Cookson’s 1995 club record. Sorry Pete!

Not much to say other than there’s minutes to be had if I can just stop my leg going numb. Torrential rain before the start made me question the point but we’d traveled up here so it seemed silly not to race. Glad I did.

2016-06-19 ECCA 100mi (E2/100C)


Easy to get a course best on this ride since it was a new course! The clever cookies started the race at stupid o’clock in the morning so riders could spend more time on the fast DC parts of the A11 and A14. It worked and I secured another club record and PB, even though I had issues with my left leg going numb again and spent a lot of time out of the saddle trying to regain feeling in it! 14th in a very strong field was pretty good considering my ongoing leg issues.

Thanks for supporting me again Mal!

Results: 2016 ECCA 100 result sheet

2016-05-08 Charlotteville CC 50mi TT


16th place. This was grim. The day after PBing 10mi I was broken. Everything was tight and my left leg numbness came back hard so I was sitting up for a lot of the race. I thought I was way off the pace and had basically given up but then did some calculations and thought a PB might still be possible. I really upped the pace and got very close, only 30s down on my PB in Wales late last year but it wasn’t enough. Lesson learned – no 10s the day before. In happier news, Daniel, the organiser came good on his promise for a free bit of cake if I broke my course record. Since the last time I rode this was the day after a 100mi TT and my time was over 2hrs, I was pretty much guaranteed cake this time around! 🙂

Results: Charlotteville 2016 Open 50 Results