Back in the USSR!

Okay, not really, but I am less than 100k from London now! Busted out a couple of big days to get here. Currently in Kemsing, tiny little village south east of London. The hostel is kinda quiet and the dude here let me into reception to use the pc..

I’m done talking now. Buy me beer.

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    In an amazing world first a little known Australian man cycled across the English Channel. hippy, now known as "Jesus Bikes" completed this feat in under 24 hours.

    Like a Holy-Men of old, Jesus Bikes was on his own Odydssysysys…fuck it… journey… which took him across hill and dale, into unfamiliar territory. Confronting his demons, Jesus Bikes was a good little Christian boy and was not tempted by the opposite sex. Or same for that matter, we hope. Instead, he followed his divine guidance on a quest for the Divine.

    When asked why, at the end of such a journey, he set out to attempt the feat of cycling the English Channel and subsequently write himself into Biblical History, Jesus Bikes simply replied:

    "I didn’t really try to do it. I was going to catch the tunnel train, but I was going to have to wait ’till tomorrow for it and I’ve got this Piss-Up on Saturday night at a mates place and I thought I’d be able to scab some pree piss, so I didn’t want to miss that. I thought Riding it had to be faster than walking."

    This Saturday night has been proclaimed a Holy Celebration by both the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches, with Sunday being a Holy Day of rest. When asked what Stuart would hope that people would do with this new day of rest, Stuart replied "Hopefully they spend it hungover like a dog from getting smashed the night before. I know I will. Ha ha ha!"

    /Someone is procratinating…

  2. I wish that Africans would say "Buy me beer". Currently, many people can only say "Give me money". A bit more variety in their learned English would be nice.

  3. LMAO!

    You guys rock!

    Yes, I busted a gut to get here in time for the pissup. I rode so fast, in fact, that I actually made it here early and now get two pissups for the price of one!

    Not used to the pommie beer though..

    I was "well ‘ammered". Kebabs here are ultra greasy too, yuk, my kebab lust has come to an end.

  4. Hey hippy, when are you back in London? We’ve finally moved down south and wanna catch up with you. Gimme a call if you’ve got my number.

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