Look out London, I'm back, hairier than ever..

Yes folks, over four months and I have returnethedededed.. Behold!

hippy returns

I’d love to fill you in on all the details but I have a hangover to nurse (happy birthday, whatever your name was!) and I have a package to unwrap and a WHOLE SUITCASE of CLEAN CLOTHES to try on!!!!!

I also have a real towel and VEGEMITE!!!!

1st Vegemite in 4 Months!

There will probably be many summary posts from now until I find a job (Captain Time Waster, at your service).

I want to note everything I unpack from the bike so I know what to take next time..

UK SIM is back in, but my phone screen is still dead.

Dead Nokia

Looking forward to unpacking and throwing my bike in the river hehe

Update 1:

I am sitting here, probably for the REST of the day, replying to emails, blogging (in a very half-ar$ed way) and maybe I’ll even get started on unpacking (yeah right!).

As for cycling, well, temporarily, it can get fscked!

I need to replace my seat (bent in 2003!) and probably the cheap SPD pedals which I seem to have bent (too powerful for my own good).

Broke a spoke on the rear wheel too (could have been when someone else moved the bike while it was locked) and I want to murder the fscked up rear mudguard which required adjustment every 10mins on the last two days riding.

The handlebar bag is holding on but I might try and find a replacement bracket for it before it snaps totally (Deuter brand, perhaps they have spares?).

I totally can’t wait to ride the bike once it’s unloaded!! You have no idea how much I hate panniers. What is worse is that they are so damn useful for cycle touring! :S

Mudguards, however, are my sworn enemy and I will take great pleasure in dousing them with petrol and watching them burn..

For the curious, I weighed myself and I’m about 4-5kg heavier than when I left (100kg). So, with all that riding.. I managed to do a lot of eating too haha 😛

Mum is helping me lose weight by airfreighting me packets of Tim Tams! hehe Mum, you rock!

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  1. OK, no more tim tams, that was just for all your effort! Glad you made it. How are your injuries? Try walking for awhile and after tonight’s party, try the water for a change! Lottsa,

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