Bezzera BZ99 Single Group Espresso Machine

Looks like the Bezzera BZ35 I have is actually a Bezzera BZ99. Since joining TMC I’ve learned that the BZ35 is a larger (2l boiler compared to 1.5l), plumbed-in commercial machine whereas the BZ99 is a domestic tank-filled version. Apparently some BZ35s have vibe pumps and some have rotary pumps but the bigger boiler and required plumbing is the give away. – bezzera bz99 single group

4 thoughts on “Bezzera BZ99 Single Group Espresso Machine

  1. Hi Hip Dude,

    I know you love coffee, and niche coffee machines……

    Have you ever come across Vietnamese coffee? I’m talking about the stuff they call "Weasel Coffee". A friend who’s just back from there bought me some. It’s awesome!!!!! If you haven’t already, I think you should try some.


    SB 🙂

  2. Whether or not he’s tried "Weasel Coffee", I’m sure he’s tried – and perfected – "Soft-Cock Coffee". C’mon Stuart – pick a bigger country than Ireland to ride your bike around next time! Or have another coffee 🙂

  3. Weasel coffee? Serious? I’ll try and find it.. sounds um.. "interesting".

    TC shuddup! I’m going to France in July so nyer! 😛

  4. Well, I’m in Tasmania so nyer nyer back at you! Have you been to Tasmania? Oh, what’s that well travelled fuck face? You haven’t? Well, you’d better make it one cup of Weasel coffee, and one cup of HARDEN THE FUCK UP then! Ha ha ha

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