Cyclists 3x more likely to get injured on bendy bus routes

Bendy Bus

“Cyclists are three times more likely to get injured on bendy bus routes as opposed to conventional bus routes. Given there are only 345 bendy buses, these numbers are worryingly high.

‘We have had claims from cyclists that they have been terrified to find themselves crowded against safety barriers by bendy buses making left turns. Both pedestrians and cyclists find it hard to judge the line the bus is going to take.

‘TfL have launched a costly advertising campaign about safer cycling. But these figures show that the money would be better spent stepping up safety training for drivers as well as a ‘how is my driving’ hotline to report poor driving. TfL should order and urgent and full review of bendy bus routes”

2 thoughts on “Cyclists 3x more likely to get injured on bendy bus routes

  1. As a cyclist and bus driver I shall point out something that occurred to me while beginning road cycling at the age of 13. Don’t cycle down the side of a vehicle that is turning. YOU WILL DIE!!!

  2. Yes, that is true but what about bendy buses that pass cyclists, underestimate the cyclist’s speed and turn left too early?

    I’ve had a bendy bus run into me by turning too soon after it had passed. I was able to stay upright as my bars scraped down the side of the bus.

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