Isle of Wight Festival 2007

Fri: Left work onsite and busted a move to the ferry with Mal. Arrived to a setup tent (thanks lads!!) and got to business with partying down to Groove Armada and Snow Patrol.

Sat: Relaxed in the sun for most of the day and then went a little bit mad for Wolfmother, Kasabian and, of course, MUSE! Brilliant!!

Sun: ‘hippy’ passes the baton and becomes ‘Damage’ once more until all settles down in the arvo. Pints help and all is nice again for the rockin’ Rolling Stones!

Great weekend with the ‘tribe of hedonists’ I know and love! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Isle of Wight Festival 2007

  1. How good would this have been??!! But I stress about one late night (dinner, movies, visiting friends) intefering with training, let alone a couple in a row! Yikes!! Thanks for the opportunity to do it vicariously.. ;-P

  2. Remember Phil Shaw at ISC, well his son plays in cool band in Adelaide and they recently played support to Wolfmother! We’ve heard them a couple of times, pretty good. They’re doing really well in ‘the city’.

  3. With the exclusion of Sunday morning it was a brilliant weekend! The bands I was into all rocked, everyone was having fun, the weather was un-English and I have even better tan lines now..

    I’m seeing MUSE again tomorrow with Mal. First band booked into the new Wembley Stadium. 90,000 capacity and tickets sold out in a couple of hours (if that)!

    Yeah I remember Phil. Wolfmother are reasonably big over here and really rocked the festival. If his son is supporting them, he must be doing something right!

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