Damn you Pro Race!

Okay.. my fault for leaving a holed tyre on the bike with no repair attempted but still..

(If only I’d patched the tyre.. If only I’d patched the tyre.. If only I’d patched the tyre.. )

I think I’m going to take the Michelin’s off and fit some training tyres with a bit more meat on them. They have to be red. I think I spotted some red Vittoria Rubino’s in my LBS the other day, they’ll do. Cheaper than Pro Race too.

At least the recent bout of punctures means I got to test Gemma’s “leave your bike up the right way when fixing flats” method. It is easy but I still forget to shift into the smallest cog first (The wheel goes in with the chain in the middle of the cassette but it’s easier if the chain is on the smallest cog).

I’ve also used my new frame pump a couple of times now and it works a treat!

Thanks to Carl for the lend of a tyre and his spare HRM so I can send my S710 back to get its battery replaced.

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