Review: "Axiom SprintAir" road bike frame pump

Axiom SprintAir Pump

Axiom SprintAir (~$40AUD)

I think it has “Axiom” on the barrel and “Air Supply” on the head.

Sales blurb:

– High efficiency aluminum barrel

– Ribbed aluminum handle with twist lock

– 160psi maximum

– Instant attach Presta head

– Patch kit and schrader adapter inside handle

– Lifetime guarantee

– 110g

My blah blah:

I’ve used this for two roadside puncture repairs since buying it and it’s my favourite frame pump to date. Prior to this I’ve used a Blackburn and another one that I don’t know the details of right now (good reviewer eh? :P). The Blackburn is still going but the other one is dead. The Axiom is lighter and skinnier than the Blackburn and doesn’t require twisting a lockring once on the valve – just push it on and start pumping. Too easy. It feels reasonably solid for a light frame pump unlike the last one I had. It looks better too. There’s no pressure gauge on this one, but I figure pump it up as hard as possible and get yourself to a track pump asap.