2 thoughts on “Dave Gorman

  1. I have the book, du wanna borrow it??? I have both "Are you Dave Gorman" (or Jacinta Gorman as the case may be!!) and "Googlewack"

    BTW – Been trying to get a hold of you, whats your email address????

    I got a new job, Mechanical Commissioning Engineer for United Group. Building water treatment plants. On my first project at the moment in Ballarat. Oh and when you know what a commissioning engineer does can you please let me know?? LOL

    There was an article in the age about Mountain Goat….


    Hope your well,


  2. I’d like to read his books. I reckon it’s better for the environment (and cheaper for me) if I hunt them down here though – thanks for the offer! 🙂

    Cool article about Goat. I’m totally spoilt for choice over here with beers!

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