Sean Eadie

Simo, and almost everyone else, has probably heard of my facial hair styling and how it’s based on the Aussie track cycling legend Sean Eadie. If I hadn’t trimmed I might have looked like this..

hippy sean eadie

Cheers simo, ya bored nutter, that’s feckin’ ace! Clearly the century ride has fried your brain 🙂

Aero?! Aero?! Just HTFU!!


Not since the bad old days when I was underage, only equipped with a Learner license or off my tits as I staggered up to the door, have I been rejected from a club.

Even in London, for two years now, I’ve walked into every type of venue and not once have I been stopped, no matter how feral I looked. That is, until now.

This chavtastic shit hole reckons that skate shoes are not acceptable. Not even my manky ones that have got into every other place in London, these were my almost-new all-black Airwalks. The manager (aka door bitch) even had a go at my fscking drunknmunky t-shirt!

I just grinned, left Mal with her friends (it was her friend’s birthday) and went home, happy in the knowledge that I didn’t spend a cent in Uxbridge’s chavtastic shit hole.

The culprits: