High Wycombe 25mi TT H25/2

High Wycombe 25 TT 20100516

Well, since I was going for my first sub-hour time, I wasn’t too happy with 1:00.04 but thinking about it..

I’d been drinking a lovely combo of beer, cider and bourbon at Shaun’s 40th barbecue since 11am yesterday.

I got to bed at 1.30am after scoffing a 12″ meatball (more meat?!) Subway to ease the inevitable hangover.

I woke up to the alarm at 4.30am and had only instant coffee to drink, having run out of beans the day before.

I rode (a bit shakey and holding back the vom) to the start 40k away and actually felt ok when I got there, though obviously didn’t look it, judging by some of the comments!

I’m a bit annoyed that if I didn’t miss the last turn (I only just made it, braking hard, thinking I was going straight on) and almost stop at 2 RABs for cars I’d have made sub-hour. 4 seconds!

Having said that, it was a new PB for the 25, taking 1m29s off my previous best time – set on the same course on the S-Works road bike 2 years ago.

Simon took FOUR frickin’ minutes out of my time with a 56:11 so he must’ve been on fire today – I need to ask him for his training plan or EPO dealer 😉

I’m not sure what time Lance got, I was too busy consuming cake and coffee and hobbling back to a chair to notice – I’ve strained my glutes again – the ride home was horribly slow.

Scherrit came over later and asked me about pacing and power. I was just loading the data into WKO so we had a chat about it:

My power data indicates that I’m producing very similar power on the TT bike as I did on my road bike, even with far less training at the same time of year. This is very good.

It means that my TT position isn’t robbing me of any power and my return to cycling after such a ‘non-event winter’ might be doing good things for me.

My Average Power and Normalised Power values are also fairly close. I think this indicates reasonable pacing, ie. if there was a big difference it’d mean I was spiking the power output at times.

It was the first 25 this year with the correct power meter fitted and it shows I am putting out over 310W for the hour. I wasn’t able to hit this on the turbo so assumed my power was well down. It’s not. I should be happy. 4 seconds. *sigh*

12 thoughts on “High Wycombe 25mi TT H25/2”

  1. Great ride – apart from a rigorous stretching regime, have you considered dropping your saddle 5mm or something? Probably wouldn’t affect your power, but would make life a lot less stressful for your glutes?

    But you know this already, so I’ll shut up.

  2. Simon actually did a 1:00:38. I did 1:02:17. I’ve put a report on the WCC blog and I’ve written my ride up on my own.

    When’s your next ’25’?

  3. BMMF: Cheers man. Maybe – I was shuffling around a bit on the T1 but that was more due to undercarriage issues than muscle recruitment. Glutes always hurt when I’ve not ridden hard for a while and since I’ve been doing calf and different hamstring stretches to deal with my dodgy knee issue, I’ve totally neglected my glute stretches. So, it’s my fault.. but they only hurt when I stop riding so no biggie 🙂

    Lance: I suffered today (for a change) and to get back those 4min makes me slightly less grumbly 🙂

    Next 25 might be that one you emailed about..

  4. Good work! It’s obviously got you hungry to crack the hour. Good luck with it 🙂

    I’ve looked at my lap times from the 24hr and it’s easy to look at the results and say "Could have gone faster there…" but at the end of the day, what you’ve done is what you’ve done. Don’t overthink it. The cure to most of your issues can be found by just working on them – just ride!

    Props for such a good result with a hangover 🙂

  5. As Lance pointed out, my time was listed incorrectly – I’d have been utterly stunned to ride a 56. Great time, Stu – we’re edging closer. Am working on my report, which is turning into some kind of personal confession. I haven’t quite got the hang of writing stuff straight…

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