2016-04-17 H25/2 25mi TT


Finally got back to this course to kill those 4 seconds in the face. I managed that easily but was still almost 5 min down on my new 25mi PB set last week on the E2/25. It was very cold today and there was far less traffic here than the E2 course. Even so, Andy Halliday said most riders were about 3min down on last week’s E2/25 race – I managed to be a whole 2 minutes extra shit on top of that! I think doing a bunch of gym work early morning Friday and then going clubbing that night until 5am (Hardfloor rocked the 303s btw!) was detrimental to my performance. “Oh, you think?!”

Anyway, long and short of it is – I won’t be doing any gym work close to an event I care about (or drinking my own bodyweight in beer) and I never have to ride the H25/2 course again.

If anyone has DA9000 56T, 57T or 58T chainring they want rid of, please get in contact!

Results: 20160417-H252

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