Real Football

No cycling here Chop. There’s so much interest in the World Cup here (featuring a game called “soccer” for those back in Oz) and this is a funny take-off of the Nike Football ad. I was never this clever at uni:

4 thoughts on “Real Football

  1. All that skill, all that humour and that’s what you pick up on?! 😛

    I’ve seen stats about this topic that would horrify you. 🙂

    "In one study, about 33% of adults using public restrooms didn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom."


  2. I feel I should support Australia in the World Cup but

    1) I don’t care that much about it

    2) Aussies don’t care that much about it

    3)I’d rather go for a team that lasts more than one round

    4) I wanna chant "EN-GER-LAAAND!" not Aussie Aussie Aussie (especially when we are gonna lose)

    5) I’d rather be cycling (but the lure of a pub and drunken revelry is too great)

    6) Pick up sticks

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