Not since the bad old days when I was underage, only equipped with a Learner license or off my tits as I staggered up to the door, have I been rejected from a club.

Even in London, for two years now, I’ve walked into every type of venue and not once have I been stopped, no matter how feral I looked. That is, until now.

This chavtastic shit hole reckons that skate shoes are not acceptable. Not even my manky ones that have got into every other place in London, these were my almost-new all-black Airwalks. The manager (aka door bitch) even had a go at my fscking drunknmunky t-shirt!

I just grinned, left Mal with her friends (it was her friend’s birthday) and went home, happy in the knowledge that I didn’t spend a cent in Uxbridge’s chavtastic shit hole.

The culprits:

5 thoughts on “Rejected

  1. Reckon a pair of Dunlop Volleys would of been just the ticket instead?

    Agree with your review of said venue, it looks like a right chav shithole, they’re still gelling up faux hawks .. fark ..

  2. Ha! I lived in Uxbridge in my undergrad days. Never could get into the clubs either. I always would see lots of scrany chaves having a fight out side one club. Friends have spotted Jorden in there before classy!

  3. tell them #1 frm da sandbar Aust will cum a knockn if da mofo’s dnt let uin wid ur black foot protectors! u tell them im wearing these blk skate shoes to protect you frm my foot kickn ur farkn head in.

  4. It’s simple: If they don’t want my money I don’t want to give them my money. I was only going there for Mal. I was quite happy to leave. Fscking chav sh!thole.

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