4 thoughts on “The Coffee Kitchen

  1. Hi Stuart,

    You are a bigger coffee geek than I realised.

    Hope to see you in Ireland next year.

    Best regards,


  2. I am more of a coffee _machine_ geek. Don’t ever ask me to give tasting opinions.

    "Yeah, it tastes like coffee"

    "I like it"

    "I don’t like it"


    Diggin’ the email address 🙂

  3. your bloody machine is rubbish? there can be no other explanation as to why I struggled with the micrfoaming

  4. hehehe "A poor trademan blames..?" 🙂

    You started to get the hang of it in the end. I’m still messing them up and I’ve been using it for a month now.

    I’ve ordered a portafilter pressure gauge a naked portafilter and a backflushing plate now for loads more silly experiments 🙂

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