Vegemite Street Fix.. RIDES!!

Here are pictures from the build process of my first street fix:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 6 was after its first road ride around home. It’s fun! My legs are quite sore from all the leg-braking (oh and a hilly road ride might have something to do with it).

The frame is an old Apollo road bike frame that I scored off bikesoiler for a 6-pack of Mountain Goat.

It uses a new Miche groupset from my LBS, Profile Airwing bars from ebay, Dia-Compe TT brake lever from my LBS, cheapie caliper that was included with a frame I bought a while back (Lynzz?). Other parts were in my parts bin or from Croydon Cycle Works (plug.. plug.. plug..).

It needs a better seatpost and saddle, better brake caliper and I’m yet to decide on clips/straps or clipless pedals. The wheels are off my track bike so I’m going to build up some new ones for it, hence “complete-ish”.

In case you are wondering “Vegemite” is a ‘food’ spread that aussies like on their toast for breakfast. I figured I was powdercoating the frame to a similar colour as the spread.. “Vegemite” it shall be. I’ll get some red and yellow parts to complete the vegemite look.

Comments welcome..