Is New Zealand really as good as everyone believes?

These people don’t think so:

“Takaka miraculously fuses two oppositional but equally unattractive elements of society into a monstrous whole. On the one hand you have the bog-standard New Zealand bogan brought up solely on a diet of spaghetti and white bread, dropped upon head at birth and beloved of white gumboots, whose accidental education has come from mistakenly reading those ‘brainy’ articles allegedly published in a well ‘thumbed’ copy of Playboy. Drinking, being emotionally stunted and eating things with pink icing are favourite pastimes.

On the other, one has an influx of those unbearable alternative hippy types drawn hither ostensibly for the indisputable beauties of it’s natural surrounds. Clearly that’s a lie. They want to strut their hand knitted Peruvian tights and Mongolian lichen dyed ponchos down Commercial Street earning the oohs and the ahhhs of fellow enthusiasts whilst exhibiting deeply irritating holier-than-thou lifestyles including such wonders as hand suckling small soy-based goats on a diet of wheatgrass and toe-pressed lesbian tambourine bands. Yummy. If you want to prop up your flagging self esteem with faux spiritual enlightenment and you want your chakra opened compadres to know abut it, you’ve come to the right place. Quite good for wife swapping too.”

from: New Zealand Crap Towns