Employment Enjoyment

I had another interview today, this time with the actual company seeking employees (as opposed to the recruitment agency interview). Apart from having to phone and inform them that I would be late due to cancelled trains (fscking dodgy District Line), it went quite well, I thought.

Apparently there was another applicant or two to be interviewed on Monday and I would be phoned after that took place with a “yay” or “nay” for employment.

The “went well” was confirmed when I was called back this afternoon with by the agency telling me I had the job!

Now that I think about it, I am overqualified to all hell for this position and they would really be silly turning me down. Sounds cocky, but I’m serious.

If only I could have this level of confidence beforehand. 🙂

I start early next week and it looks like I might have to do some clothes shopping on the weekend – I didn’t spot anyone wearing shorts and t-shirts (hippy’s clothing combo of choice)! :S 😉

Wonder if I can ride to work?

9 thoughts on “Employment Enjoyment

  1. Way to go Stu! Well done. At least now you may be off the streets and have shelter thru winter.

  2. Where is this job? How far would you have to ride? Do they mind sweaty bodies once you get there or do they at least have a hot/cold shower?

  3. Yeah, living in this box has been rough. It gets very soggy in the rain..

    Job is in Richmond which is quite close to Ealing by bike or there’s a train or bus. But, the idea is to get into my own place and depending on rental costs, this could be anywhere in London!

    I have no idea what the go is with "uniform", showers and bike facilities.

  4. Nice on Bruvva!

    I have a job too… I start tomorrow. It’s kinda like 50 first dates. Over the weekend I forget about my job, so I rock up to a fresh job every Monday! Woohoo! I’m not sure how long they’ll put up with it for though…

    Hopefully long enough to pay off my Credit Card and save some dough!

  5. Oh, Crusty Demons of Dirt were here this weekend. I didn’t go. Didn’t really care. They can toss themselves off with their Ego’s for all I care. One of the guys (an Alaskan Skidooer) seemed pretty cool, but the others seemed like they had a sharp stick of Ego stuck up their arse which was wrapped in boredom finished off with a silver spoon in their mouth for good measure. Makes for a bad combo. But maybe I just got a bad impression when they threw ice at my head for saying goodnight to a friend of mine that Seth was chatting up… By the way, I had a piss next to him I didn’t check his cock out. Enough girls would have done that while they had their 19 naked girl pool party… (cunts…) , but he did say "damn… I feel like less of a man now… I’m going to have to jump my bike over something bigger…" when he saw me get mine caught in my shoe laces as I was zipping up… Ouch! Glen and I are having out own little party this weekend. A cordial party (You are cocktaily invited to a ….). With pool party thrown in for good measure. I’d sen dyou an invite, but it’s a 30MB file… Needless to say, we look suave on the invite and there’s some tasteless lines "…Dress to Impress as you recieve Aural Pleasure from the boys 70’s decks"… Read into it how you will! The pool will be put up for it too! Oh, and I’ve seen Brett Gathercole at the pub three times in the last week. We’ve had a good ‘ol chinwag. He’s racing speedway sidecars. His new bike has an R1 engine in it. He’s going to give me a go swinging after the ballet concert! I should have emailed…

  6. Still having trouble with your cock and shoe laces? Man you should check out that dick-reduction surgery. It’d make your life so much easier.

    Throw the ice back? That’d be funny as. "Yeah, I’m the guy that knocked Seth out with a 10kg block of Mildura’s finest frozen water."

    Well, I didn’t say you should use the "same" piece of ice! 🙂

    Brett offered swinging off the bike or "swinging" swinging? Eew! 😛

    Email is so 90’s dude. People love reading other people’s blogs about your exploits. Bog on, I mean blog on. 🙂

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