I quit!

I have quit the courier thing because for the money it just isn’t worth it and it was hampering my full-time job hunting. I need to make more than 12quid a day if I want to travel Europe!

I describe it to people as the best and worst job in the world – getting paid to ride a bike, but getting paid fsck all. I just haven’t got the patience to wait until the controller likes me before he starts handing me reasonable amounts of work. Spending large chunks of the 9hr day reading Terry Pratchett isn’t so cool when I should be riding and earning.

One day I might give them back their nice, warm jacket.. 😉

Anyway, I can be suicidal all by myself – I don’t need a controller telling me where to go. Has anyone blogged their own suicide? Um, don’t mind me, I’m just miserable and morbid right now.

Arrgh! Whatever! I was riding out from London without my lights (oops, it gets dark before 5pm now and I didn’t think I’d be that late!), pissed on German beer (but riding pretty straight, I thought), covered in frickin’ red and white safety tape by Sophie the bargirl so I didn’t get squished on the way home!! haha I blame El Seano! (another obiwan/openwin tosser, I mean dosser.. :P)

No helmet either, because it was taped into my bag and I forgot about it. I’m not dead so perhaps we should ban the wearing of helmets? – they are obviously ineffective. Helmet debate! Hang on, this isn’t a.b? Oh nevermind!

7 thoughts on “I quit!

  1. I thought you did travel Europe! (What did you do for 4+ months?) Don’t rush it, it’ll happen. Most people don’t get the job of their dreams in the first few days! Did you ring your distant rello with pc contacts?? Remember, go out and get in the faces of these companies so they know how keen you are??!! Don’t wait till they advertise, tell them they need you now, be pro-active.

  2. Sorry, dad hates pro-active so I take that back. He also said maybe you don’t remember Europe – anything to do with the beers?????

  3. Hey, there’s MORE of Europe to see!

    I don’t want a dream job, I want a job. Actually a job I don’t like too much would be preferable because it’ll be easier to leave for travel, relocation, etc.

    As for being pro-active, I think that only works for pub jobs and retail. Everything else is handled through agencies and they seem to prefer electronic submissions. None of them are any use for ‘just finding a job’, you have to specify a specific role and they pretty much just offer jobs that you have previous experience with. It’s all very poo, but once I suss the system it might work a bit quicker for me. I’m not sure what I can do to improve, other than some CV modifications Mei-Ling suggested.

    I’m waiting for a response from the agency chick about the interview today, so we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck 🙂

  4. Looking skinny has never been a problem for me.. must be the camera angle.. pity that 🙁

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