Friday, now get me a beer

Courier Tip: Don’t put a letter inside the (folded in half for convenience) clipboard and then drag it out to check the delivery address. It will not go back into your bag, you will arrive at the destination, notice its absence and perform a frantic search for the letter. Realising you have dropped it, you will kill anyone within a 10m radius just because, scream down the road to where you checked the address and thank fsckingchrist the letter is laying on the ground. Deliver it and wait an hour for heart rate to drop to normal.

Friday was a good day. I guess the end of the week is when everyone has to rush to deliver stuff. I managed a new record of 14 deliveries (still laughable – I need a regular paying job!), was paid for 20 minutes wait time when a pickup wasn’t ready on time and still read a large chunk of Terry Pratchett’s “Sourcery”.

The funniest delivery was when skanky, sweaty, smelly, scruffy little ol’ me had to pickup from a fashion boutique. It was next to a Dolce & Gabbana store, which should give you some idea of the overly-financial, pretentious, limp-wristed, “that looks simply divine” clientele browsing here. I had to turn and laugh when I heard some of the comments they were making about the clothes. To mess with me, the pickup turned out to be a HUGE handbag style shopping bag which wouldn’t fit in my already-huge messenger bag. I had to carry the thing over my shoulder, riding one-handed down Piccadilly. They had the last laugh.

I had planned to attend the 6pm Critical Mass and during the day someone even asked me where it was – lucky for him I’d written down the directions! But, my last job for the night was just before 6pm and sent me into NW1, Camden Town or something. Nowhere near the CM start point, or home, for that matter. Skipped CM and didn’t get home until 7.30 after making some wrong turns in the city. And people ask me for directions – ha!

Daily Distances: 73k, 81k, 70k, 83k (20k of each of these is commuting Ealing-Marble Arch-Ealing)

4 thoughts on “Friday, now get me a beer

  1. But sweat surely has to attack the handbag style shopping bag, so you eventually had the last laugh.

  2. Sourcery is a great book! Didn’t know you were a Terry Pratchett fan… should’ve though.

  3. I’m not a Pratchett fan, well, not yet. This was the first book of his I’ve ever read. My uncle is a big fan so I’ve known about Discworld for years now but for some reason never actually read any.

    I wanted to buy the first book in the series during my tour but the bookshop in Zwolle didn’t have it so I bought "A Short History of Nearly Everything" instead.

    Speaking with Fiona (resident Pratchett expert and FanFic legend) I found out that you don’t need to read them in order and so borrowed "Sourcery" from her to read during Standby time.

    I have started "Wyrd Sisters" now, but I’m spending too much time online to read it and buying used books far too often.. and I also have library member ship.. too many large textbooks to read and and and.. *breathes deeply*

    Ah, well you get the idea.

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