Well that sucked..

Today I earned the extraordinary amount of ~12.50UKP.

Now, don’t be confused, that’s not ‘12.50 per hour’, it’s 12.50 for the entire fscking day!

9am-6pm, 9 hours, 12.50quid! This doesn’t even pay for tyres, tubes and brake pads let alone rent and, heaven forbid, health cover!

What pisses me off is that it’s not even the fact that I’m slow that sees my income reach such lows – I just didn’t get given any jobs. That’s not entirely true. I was given five jobs, all of which I completed ‘relatively’ quickly (in my mind). I’m starting to learn my way around which speeds things up a great deal. But five jobs! How the fsck am I supposed to live on 12.50/day? Thank your Mum’s purple undies I’m not currently paying rent otherwise I’d be in the poo big time!

Highlights for today include:

Reading half of a Terry Pratchet novel. If I didn’t take a book to read I think I would’ve gone (more) insane.

Not puncturing on the way to work.

Some other funny sh1t that I can’t remember now.

I had a total prick of a ride home, getting lost, smacking some dudes rear-view mirror (it was ok), getting cained by commuters who actually have energy, thinking about how much time I wasted and how little money I made. I was in a foul mood.

On the flip-side, today was an awesome day weather wise (blue skies and ~20degC all day I guess) and it could be argued that spending most of today outside reading a book is better than most people have it. But, only making 12.50 for the day – that bites. I perhaps should’ve stayed at home and tried harder to get IT work. I did get a couple of calls about IT but had to put them off because I was ‘on the job’, so to speak.

I treated myself to a bottle of Powerade (having only consumed half a bidon of water and some sandwiches for the whole day) and a 4-pack of Carlsberg Export Lager cans to temper the hippyrage. At least the checkout chick at Safeway was nice. On the street the only attention I get is from guys.. wtf?! Look, I’m not ghey, women can just fsck right off at the moment is all.

I didn’t phone in my signatures today because if they are gonna pay me 12.50/day, they can friggin’ chase up the signatures – I’m not wasting my phone money verifying deliveries just to be paid. They either call me for the sigs or I’ll drop the sheet in to the office on my way home (when I’m in a better mood). I need to work out the sign-off procedure too. They keep switching channels on me and I don’t know which is the correct one to use. Meh.. stupid procedures.

Just to add balance to the force.. yesterday was frickin cool!! (that’s frickin’ cool with two exclamation marks so it must’ve been good!) I had heaps of fun and managed 10 deliveries. This is still rubbish compared to what the average is (~20 apparently) but if they don’t give me jobs, I can’t do them, can I? That’s why I brought a book today – so I’d have something to do in the idle time. But yesterday was much cooler than day 1, even with a puncture which made me a bit late getting to Marble Arch. Because I now know which maps to use and which direction to head to get to certain areas, everything happens much faster. Quick learner or dumb starter?

Whatever.. I could get to liking this job..

The Carlsbergs are going down well.. if only I could find a dirty courier-lovin’ chick to do the same..

3 thoughts on “Well that sucked..

  1. One day at a time! Who knows what tomorrow will bring. But get yourself onto the water. I know, I’m only your mother, but geez, it’s not like I haven’t told you b4 (and everyone else!). Here’s to a great one tomorrow!

  2. "The Carlsbergs are going down well.. if only I could find a dirty courier-lovin’ chick to do the same.. "

    Don’t we all… don’t we all 😉

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