Hello again England

First long ride back in the UK since the month in Australia for Rob and Yas’s wedding. Forecast was for a good morning and then showers. I think I beat the showers – about 4 drops and that was it. It was almost warm (alright, alright mid-teens but that’s warm enough for me nowadays). 130k around my new regular loop (Burnham Beeches, Maidenhead, Cookham, Bourne End, Princes Risborough, Wendover and A413 back towards London). It wasn’t a particularly long ride but I’m fairly tired now – the all night drinking session on Friday probably didn’t help matters.

I have to say doing similar distance around Mildura can get a bit dull – lots of the same scenery and the terrain is flat, very flat. There’s also less crazy drivers to have to deal with so not as many adrenalin surges as riding around London. Then again, I only saw a couple of bunnies and a pheasant versus a brown snake, some goannas and kangaroos. Mildura’s wildlife is definitely more interesting. Sorry Dad I didn’t stop to pick up the 5 ‘L’ plates on the ride. Scherrit has just emailed through a new program for me so it looks like I’ll be back to business training for this 24hr TT now. Perhaps I’ll have more to write about.. if I can stay awake long enough to type it. 😉