and much hilarity ensued..

Da Boyz and $10 beers

Click one of these two gits for the image gallery, including Dan’s Pose-a-thon(TM). Many images withheld to protect the (not so) innocent. For copies, send ?10 to hippy C/o London, England. 😀

I’m supposed to be packing now, but I’m easily distracted..

Dan, Dan, he's our man, stocked with beer from Belgium

To bring in the washing or to leave the washing outside, that is the question:

Finally found a half-decent iced coffee today! Complete with coffee ice-cream and whipped cream! Mmmmmm… (still hungering for an Ice Break though).

Consumed said IC whilst trying to work out where to ride to, for my first stop, and then where to sleep once there..

Planning sucks. Why can’t I just pitch a tent anywhere and have a toilet and shower facility magically appear?

Just cruisin'

SMS wakeup from Tam.. reply with “wait 10min” and proceed to make coffee and PB sandwich (my staple food as it’s the cheapest thing I can find to eat).

I’m quite wrecked from last night but manage to string together a ‘few’ words 😉

The “Maple Leaf” phonecard the guy insisted was best for calling Oz was shite, only giving me 200 minutes and not 642 like the New Swifty card. (Why do I have the feeling I’ve already mentioned that? Must be the beer..)

Got a call from Tezz, so headed into Trafalgar Square to meet him. For some reason I thought Holborn was close. Nuh uh! It was a 15min fast walk. I was already late because the train had sat at Ealing for 10-15min! Grr.. I’m turning into a Londoner! hahaha

We searched high and low for a suitable drunking venue – serves cheap beer, outdoor seating in the sun with a good perve-rating. Did we find one? We got half-way.

Tezz and $10 beers

The view was okay but fuck me drunk if I didn’t just shell out ?7 for two 330ml bottles of Stella Artois! That’s $10 per a fucking stubbie! Not even a normal sized stubbie, a yuppie stubbie and Stella is crap. So.. rot in hell “ON ANON” bar, you yuppie-scum feeding pond!

At least we made the most of the nice seats. Some crazy stretched 4WD went past which I managed to snap a dodgy pic of.

Streeetched 4x4

How the hell this thing actually navigates London traffic and small streets I’ll never know!

On to Cheers! I insisted it was a yank pub but Tezz claimed the word was pommie so the pub was pommie. I was right.. it was supposed to be a copy of the bar from that shite US sitcom Cheers! Screw my nipple nuts and call me Frank if their 2-pint “pitcher” of Kronenburg didn’t actually pour two pints worth of beer?!?!? Dunno how they managed that, but they did. No, we didn’t spill any!

Tezz reckons US and UK pints are different – anyone else have any opinions? Is there a lake somewhere with all the missing beer in it? Do the staff “skim” it like they do credit cards? Does glass absorb beer?

Genna-Leigh (hope I spelled that right!) joined us and we ended up at Hungry Jacks for an approximation of food.

I photocopied some maps at the nearby “offie” and decided to grab a foreign brew while I was there. Krusovice Imperial Czech Premium Lager it was – “Ooh Ahh”.

Krusovice Lager

I rode over to nearby Walpole Park and sat down in the sun to drink it, watch the sunset and finish “A Significant Other” which DaveB had given me as a book swapping thing.

Krusovice Lager

The beer was nothing special, the book was nothing special (for much of it), sitting in the midst of a foreign land with my bike watching the sun set was pretty fucking cool!

I did get feisty and ended up going for another pedal before the sun was fully gone. Went to the large rail bridge down the road and had a look around.

Rail bridge

I found some singletrack, but got 10m along and realised that the stinging nettles that kept hitting my hands and legs.. well.. they did really frickin’ sting!! I turned back – save that ride for a day with full-finger gloves.

Now I’m going to have PB sandwiches for “late dinner” along with some Scrumpy Jack cider I’ve been dying to try for ages. The Bus Station Loonies (funny punk band and the only one I think I like?) seem to be fans of the stuff.. “Saaaaave ouuuurrrr ciiiderrrrr! Save our cider! Save our cider! Save our cider!”

Scrumpy Jack Cider

Dan Oz Direct

Met Dan at his Stratford local, drank Carlsberg Export pints. Train to some other station and met Adrian, Beccy and Alex for dinner at a nearby Tandoori restaurant – sorry Arun, this place kicked your place’s backside! Some Indian beer here? Wandered off down the road – Shoreditch or Brick Lane or something? Ended up at Jam Bar for one of Age’s workmate’s going away party. More pints and chatter. Headed home just a little bit pished.

Tired from the Camp Out

Apparently, my body can’t operate on a 24 hour schedule.. I WANT A REFUND!

Now I am wrecked. I can’t keep doing this.. I’m getting less and less sleep. My brain and body is so fscking tired!

It gets dark here at around 9:30pm. I thought that was funny – even later than back home – but then, it was light at 4:30am! WTF?!?!

Not helping matters were the vast number of loud-ass bastard planes flying over all night!

You don’t notice them inside, but outside.. HEY! LISTEN TO ME! Camping out was much quieter in Mildura!!

So tired.. need much coffee.. but everything worked fine. The tent (once I worked out it doesn’t need ropes) stayed up, the Therm-a-rest kept me off the ground and the sleeping bag did a fine job of keeping me warm. Could’ve slept with out it – almost. Only thing was that I forgot to put in the bag’s silk liner – I’ll do that before next use.

Now.. COFFEE!!!