To allay your fears Willesden… 24 it is…

“Questions are being asked as to why you haven’t been riding the timerials on the Amersham Road.”

Gladys, this ridiculous looking stem alteration to my TT bike should be confirmation that something is not quite right in the land of the hippy.

After hearing about Meurig setting all the club records last year I went a bit wonky in the brain and decided I would try to break the one he didn’t set – the Willesden 24 hour TT record.

As a fat, err, big-boned, ex-sprinter it’s proving to be some task trying to train for something at the complete opposite end of the spectrum – “ultra-endurance” perhaps?

I’ve enlisted the help of friend, bike-fitter, coach and mechanic, Scherrit from The Bike Whisperer, to attempt to get me into shape for the ride.

Mick’s Tour des Alpes is on the cards for this July so my only 24hr option is the East Sussex Cycling Association 24hr in late June.

Having actually done some of the specified training and knowing the speeds required along with hearing the course is anything but flat and not having any 12 hours before this 24hr I have decided to make this a bit of a “test” event. By test event, I mean I want to finish it, alive, mostly in one piece, without crying in a ditch for 8 hours, vowing never to ride a bike again rather than break any records.

So, I might be out to do some of the West London TTs but they’re not really suited to 24hr preparation. Thanks for the concern 🙂

Ward's Fruit Saline

wards fruit saline – Ward’s Fruit Saline

Great tasting refreshing and revitalising lemon drink. Used every morning, this traditional favourite will ‘kick start’ your day. Also popular as a mid afternoon pick me up. Kids love the fizzy flavour and nose tickling bubbles. Delicious any time, but perfect on a hot day or after sport. Revitalise, refresh and rehydrate with a cool bubbling glass of Ward’s Saline.

Caster Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate (500), Citric Acid (330), Tartaric Acid (334), Lemon Oil

After returning from a Chilterns club ride somewhat dehydrated (I know, you wouldn’t think this would be an issue in England, in winter!) I had a flashback and sudden craving for a childhood favourite – Fruit Saline!

After some google wrangling, what I was after appeared: – Ward’s Fruit Saline. Guess it’s not as popular as it should be. Soon after I’d placed an order with my dealer (me Mum) and some tins were on their way.

This white stuff comes in a tin and you quickly dump two big spoonfuls into a glass of water. As you stir the bi-carb soda fizzes up. While it’s fizzing – drink!

Lovely and refreshing. Is there anything like this in the UK, I wonder?