I bought a new bike today..

More on that soon. 🙂

My replacement GORE Compact II gloves arrived after I’d sent my original ones back with a sooky letter about how they were crap for failing after so little use.

The replacments are proper black. They’ll last another 6 months. Thanks GORE.

2004 Soma Rush


Picked up from Lewisham and ridden home.

44-13T too high so fitting 17T Condor cog.

The ebay bait:

Soma Fabrications, believed to be a “Rush” frame but has no “Rush” logo on frame but frame geometry of 55cm centre of BB to top of seat tube and 55cm centre of seat tube to centre of headstock and 120mm rear axle spacing bears this out. Reynolds 631 steel tubing

Bought by my eldest son 3 yrs ago and he’s hardly used it ie 3/4 times. Spec is Campagnolo Crankset 170mm/42T, BB, F&R brakes, Levers. Not sure what groupset but not Record or Chorus.

Phil Wood High Flange Track Hubs 36H anodised in black. Flip/Flop rear with Shimano 18T freewheel and 13T fixed sprocket with Phil Wood stainless lockring. Mavic CXP33 700c rims and Vredstein Fortezza 23mm tyres. Handbuilt with stainless spokes. Wheels are true.

ITM Millenium carbon forks, Selcof Headset, ITM Forged Lite Lux Stem 110mm c-c, Thorius Palm Bars, System-Ex seatpost 27.2mm and Flite Saddle. Weight by Bathroom scales 19 pounds.

This was bought by my son who is well known for his fads and this was just another example, used a few times then I put it in loft for storage as it was in the way. There are a few minor hairline scratches on frame and some slight lacquer damage on downtube (shown in picture) paint marks where axle bolts tighten and a few cosmetic marks on bars/stem. Chain has some minor surface rust due to lack of use. Overall in very good condition. No Pedals are included with this bike.

I’ve used the wheels on another bike but only approx 300 miles worth. I believe this cost originally 1200 to buy. The reserve is 525 and Buy it now of 575 I think is fair.

Delivered free in local area to Dartford (not Essex) or parts of SE London or can meet you somewhere maybe….much preffered to packing this up….which will be done in proper bike box and lots of care taken to see it arrives safely. If wanting delivery Paypal payment still reqd up front to stop timewasters. If you’re after free delivery check with me before bidding.

Update – July 2009:

I never posted this when I bought the Soma so I figured since I’ve sold it I may as well post it. The frameset sold for ?150 in the end, a total mid-week bargain. I still have the FSA Vigorelli cranks that replaced the Campag cranks Prav bought which I’ll probably sell. The 105 calipers are still here after Wayne bought the original Campag Athena calipers. The tyres were given away, the 17T Condor cog is still here, the wheels were sold to bigfella, the bar/stem are waiting to be sold. The saddle and post are still here.

London to Southend-on-Sea

London FGSS Group at Southend-on-Sea

More like Southend-THROUGH-Sea!

In true bank holiday fashion, it’s pissed down all weekend. Noah is out looking for wood as I type. I managed to get a few dry laps of Richmond Park in on Saturday before getting soggy and doing some damage to my back. I finally fitted the 135g Selle Italia SLR saddle that’s been in the cupboard for 18 months and I’m guessing the position change and too much effort up the hills messed up the old spine.

Sunday was feckin’ nasty weather and I was having serious doubts about riding. But, I’d also been hoping to ride this for a long time and finally stubborness won out over common sense (doesn’t it always!). I was hoping no one else would show at Covent Garden Seven Dials but 7 other brave lads did and, given we were already soaked, the ride was on!

Mario led us out of the city, well a mile away before we had our first puncture. While fixing this a woman tail-end another car at an intersection. Top start!

We decided not to do the 70mi route and opted for the shorter, more direct one along the A13.

This was like a wet Maroondah Hwy and for me not so bad (self preser-what?) but I think the other guys didn’t appreciate the high-speed traffic on wet roads. Around Dagenham DavidK froze a CO2 canister to his hand (ow!) repairing a puncture on this ?7500 Serotta (yes, he could trade in his bike for the whole of Australia!) and we changed route to back roads (the A1306?).

Avoiding a pikey camp we found a path and made it onto an overpass for a group photo. We past a sign for ‘Rainham’ – how appropriate! Then again, we also rode along ‘Dry Street’ later in the ride and that wasn’t a very accurate name at the time. Mareeoh suffered another puncture.

Owing to a total lack of food in my house I’d had a piece of toast and black coffee for breakfast. Owing to a lack of bottle mounts on my track bike I carried 500ml of liquid in my bag and half pack of Bassett’s Animal Mix (think Natural Confectionary Company lollies). End result of this was running out of energy on a relatively small climb called Langdon? Hills. I could barely turn the pedals over and almost had to walk. Uh oh. Did make it to the top where I downed all my remaining drink and hoped for flat roads!

We had a couple more hills along the way but not as bad. On one downhill I managed to pass DavidK at 32mph trying to chase down Roberto. Attempting a skid while your legs are doing 160rpm isn’t smart.. as I found out when I went all gumby at the bottom of the hill. Around here I think we had a minor collision between slamm and photoben. I’d already gone the wrong way so missed the carnage. I did find a blinky though and wasted a lot more energy getting it back to photoben! I think I was excited we were nearly there.

We grouped up at a set of lights almost at the coast and waited.. and waited.. photoben had punctured. Regrouping we had a great, grinning run down to the water-front.

Sweeeeeet!!! We made it!!! The esplanade was fenced off but the cops let us in and we rolled along its length, looking at the fairground atmosphere.

There was an airshow on. Jets zoomed by over-head, a chinook chopper did some sickening almost vertical flying and a sea-plane groaned past. Another group photo then somehow we locked 8 bikes with 3 small locks and ate fish and chips. Eventually rolling off we found the station and a nearby pub to enjoy a pint in. Nice. DavidK had someone to meet but the rest of us piled into a train carriage for a fun trip back to London Liverpool St.

Said ‘adios’ to all and rode back to Ealing, fscked. Ate and drank from about 6pm to 2am! Next time I’ll definitely take more food and drink.

Big thanks to: DavidK, photoben, Roberto, mareeoh, brett, slamm, mdja? for a top ride!

Stats: 5hr total time, 3hr ride time, 75k (47mi) for Seven Dials to Southend, making my total for the day 105k fixed, in horrible conditions. Noice!

Other People’s Photos

London FGSS thread

Original Route

Revised Route(ish)

mdja’s More Accurate Route(tm)

I come from the land down under..

But it looks like I stay up here a little longer. Mal’s new permie role means she can’t get time off in December. So, that’s our Xmas trip home canned.

To make up for it I’ve had her factory burned to the ground. Err.. Joke.

No, but I will be riding fixed for 100k on the weekend. Through the London Fixed Gear & Singlespeed forum I hope to ride this route to Southend-on-sea with a bunch of fixed gear nutters.

I’ve also tried to secure a late entry into the British Cyclosportif/Etape Anglais through Cycle Surgery. I was fourth on the list of 350 available tickets which means I stand a good chance of having to thrash myself for 120mi (180k) of the Tour de France Stage 1 – London to Canterbury. I’d say “this should be fun” but it’s gonna be pain. All the London racer heads will be pushing the tempo high, I’m sure. Why didn’t I start training months ago?!?!

3rd 10mi TT and another PB

26:50 equates to another 30 seconds off my previous time with no changes other than the shorter, flipped stem (and a rusty chain!). Is nice. I like.

I was off first (if only I was Number 1 AFTER the race and not before it!) and planned to do 2:45 for the first lap and 2:15’s for subsequent laps. I took off hard and ended up doing the first lap in 2:15. Um.. whoops. Damage control. Slowed but the damage had been done and my legs were failing around laps 7 and 8. The westerly wind wasn’t as bad as last time but it was still windy (is this circuit ever still?!?!). Ripped up lap 11, probably doing myself permanent harm but it was all good with the new PB. Getting into the 25’s on my Audax bike is gonna be tricky though.. anyone wanna donate this?

Marshalling the Tour de France

Yellow Bike

I volunteered to marshall Le Tour and attended a briefing session the other night in Regent’s College. It was all very slick, with videos, role-playing and a little pocket guide outlining the course and listing do’s/dont’s. Apparently all those who attend the training sessions will be assured a place at their nominated stage – mine being the Prologue around central London.

It’s going to be a long day and we are there primarily to answer questions from the public and act as the ‘eyes and ears’ for the trained event staff and security teams. Regardless, after the training session I was feeling just a tad proud to be helping at such a prestigious event. Aww.. 🙂

For more info:



"Chucking it down"

Today’s club run was wet. Very wet. I now look like a stoner who’s given up caring about how wasted he looks – my eyes are red and puffy after collecting three kilos of road grit.. each.

If I’d swapped out the dark lenses in my sunnies for clear I could’ve worn them AND seen where I was going. At least I had the sense (for once) to kit up in some warm gear after noting the forecast for “heavy rain” followed by “heavy rain” and then washed down with some “heavy rain”.

We (only about 7 of us? Not even “Map Man” Martin showed) ended up cutting the ride short. To be honest I don’t know where we went – there was a boat chugging along a river near the cafe, if that helps?

I spent the way back rubbing grit into my eyes, hoping not to hit anything, and watching the lightning which doesn’t appear in London very often. My legs were like lead at the end, even with the ride finishing a good 2 hours earlier than usual. I was out until 1am for Paula’s birthday at the Boathouse in Putney followed by a visit to Walkabout to see Mal’s friends Iwona and Maciek but that’s not usually an issue. Did spend an unusual amount of time in pubs on Friday but, again, not a biggie. Maybe the 10kg of extra water soaked into me did me in?

Here’s a similar report from someone with an actual grasp of the English language:

pickled-hedgehog.com – “Duckin? hell, that was wet.”


41.5k, 1:37, 26.3kph, 123/164bpm


42.1k, 1:36, 27.6kph, 136/172bpm

Chris Hoy set for La Paz Kilo attempt..

Chris Hoy

Next weekend at the Alto Irpavi Velodrome – the highest gate-taking sports arena in the world – he will attempt not one but three world records which, if successful, will establish the Flying Scot as the fastest man ever on self-propelled wheels. His banker is the 1,000 metres (kilo) at which he is already the Olympic and world champion and holder of the fastest time at sea-level. If that is successful he will go for the quick-fire 200m and 500m events.

telegraph.co.uk – speed king Hoy aims for final peak

Ribble Geometry Mystery.. Solved!

Writing a reply to Wychy’s earlier comments about frame geometry, I remembered I was going to check www.ribble.co.uk to see if their road frame differed from their Winter/Audax frame (the one I own).

Looking through the table of figures I find the 56cm and work through the values, noticing the top-tube length is 58.. um.. what? 58cm? That’s not.. But.. I.. um.. measured it already and it was 56cm.. err.. wasn’t it?

I remember looking at this table before I bought the bike and thinking “56cm square = cool” but now looking at the table I reckon I’ve read from the wrong column(s)! A1 instead of A and read across to a top-tube of 55.8cm, thinking “fine” when in fact I should have been seeing 58 and thinking “no no no”.

I rush over to the bike with the tape measure, rub my eyes and look.. 58cm.

Frickin’ hell! Fifty EIGHT not Fifty SIX like I thought. No fricking wonder I’ve always felt over-stretched and suffer from sore arms!!

Ribble 7005 Frame Geometry:

A A1 B D a? b?

46 50 53.5 400 75 72

48 52 54 400 75 72

50 54 55 400 74 73

52 56 55.8 400 74 73

54 58 57 400 74 73

56 60 58 400 74 73

58 62 58.8 400 74 73