Glenvale Crit

Glenvale 17-Oct-2004

Today’s Glenvale crit ended with a similar result for me as last week, that is, placing mid-field. I did feel much better after this race than last week’s and could actually ride up the hills on the way home rather than crawl up them, gasping for the cruel punishment to end.

I’m not sure why I felt better – there may have been lower C grade numbers due to Around the Bay in a Day or it could have been the two days in a row off the bike prior to the race. Does dancing use the same muscles as cycling? Extra sleep certainly wasn’t the reason for feeling fresh! 😉

The race was fairly non-eventful. I just tried to stay upright and find good wheels to follow. I did chase one break attempt down, simply because I was on his wheel when he jumped – silly boy should know these things before wasting all that energy! 🙂

There was more craziness towards the end with pedal strikes and people changing lines mid-corner which of course had others swinging around to avoid them. All of this worked to push me totally out of contention for the sprint. Next week I’ll move up earlier so I don’t have to deal with all the slower-rider scrapping!

(Jeez, listen to me.. I actually think I can contest the sprint pah! 😉 )

I think I will wear knee warmers more often. My knees seem to like the idea and it covers the big-ass scare on my knee from the track crash last season.

Howdy to the Ringwood Tri Club chick in blue kit riding along Mitcham then Canterbury roads. I think you should join the Wednesday-night Croydon Cycle Works shop ride up the 1:20, with Mickos, Bartos, occasionally hippyos and loyal fans. With your build you’d kick my arse! (until we got to the downhill..) 🙂

Ahh.. I’m stuffing my face post-race and those ATB suckers are still pedaling! Lucky bastards got awesome weather this year though.

Race Stats:

Time 0:55:30.5

HR 188 Max 192 Avg 171 Min 122

Dist 36.6 min/km 1:31

Avg Speed 39.6 kph

Avg Cadence 111 rpm

Temperature 17 ?C

Don't eat apple crumble and wish to die.. it might just happen..

I got off the bike around 11.40pm last night… alarm going off at 5.55am this morning. Yay. I figure I’ll sleep properly when I die..

which was almost last night thanks to some tool in a white Falcon. He was obviously blind to bright flashing lights and reflective material and decided to drive across a couple of lanes to get into the service station. The same service station that I was riding in front of.

As soon as I realised he was coming at me, I hit the brakes and did the ‘panic turn’ move, turning ‘with’ the car in order to avoid hitting it. The move worked out well. I was forced into the servo alongside the car but there was no contact between us. Go hippy!

I yelled and gestured at the driver and he apologised with a wave. I continued on merrily towards home (as merrily as I could with way too much dinner sitting inside my normally cavernous stomach.. mmm.. apple crumble).

Lesson learned: No matter how sick you are feeling from eating too much baked apple product before riding.. don’t actually wish to be run over.. I did, and my wish, was nearly granted!


I can’t believe I got lost riding home!

I spotted a gap in traffic and decided to take the Mont

Albert road option from Burke. Got to the end and found the street wasn’t a through road.

I decided to explore and went along Standard Ave and found Surrey Dive. Rolled up to what I thought was Elgar Rd. which would lead me to Whitehorse Rd. and after a bit of travel I realised I was heading BACK TO WORK on Cantebury Rd!! Fark I’m daft!!

Corrected my mistake at Union road and continued on HOME,

spotting a LeTour rider who mentioned he was doing ATB.

At home had a nice glass of:

Water + 2tsp Glucodin + 2tsp Saline

O.Symetric "Harmonic" Chainrings


O.Symetric “Harmonic” Chainrings

“Those chainrings are called Harmonic, and they offer a larger gear ratio when the crank is horizontal than when it is vertical (the opposite of Biopace). I asked Bobby Julich about them, and he referred me to the company’s website. And lest you think they are a revival of the old Biopace design, Julich says “they are the furthest thing from what Shimano had!”” Velonews Techtalk

They still didn’t help Vinokourov as Mick Rogers takes Gold in Verona for the 2004 UCI World Road TT champs: First Edition Cycling News for September 30, 2004

SuzyJ points out that these have been around for ages, see also:



Ya, thanks guys, good ride!

Cherios for the brief chat to the dude on the Moulton(?) before the start of the ride. I want a Birdy or BikeFriday? Do they fit in a Crumpler? 🙂

I really need to pay more attention to the map and where those sprint points are. People would fly by and be 100m down the road and I’d be left going “Oh, guess that was a sprint” 😉

As soon as I hit Whitehorse Rd. the sky started leaking but for the duration of BR14.. no rain! 🙂

Was passed by over 20 Porches (well, they WERE Porches! ;-)) that must have been out for a club drive or something. Some of them were convertibles!

Rain + Car – Roof = Oops! 🙂

Duration 3:43:50

Energy Expenditure 2862 kcal

Number of Heart Beats 32020 beats

Minimum Heart Rate 95 bpm

Average Heart Rate 143 bpm

Maximum Heart Rate 194 bpm

Minimum Speed 1.5 km/h

Average Speed 24.6 km/h

Maximum Speed 87.6 km/h

Distance 85.4 km

Minimum Cadence 17 rpm

Average Cadence 87 rpm

Maximum Cadence 164 rpm


BR Route Map