Fat Boy Slim & Chemical Warfare DOUBLE HEADER!

Stand-by mr. hippy for a weekend of aural pleasure!

Mmmm… aural…

Friday 16th:

Fatboy Slim, Brixton Academy

You know Fatboy Slim, I know Fatboy Slim. Now I finally get to see him live. London rocks!!

Saturday 17th:

Chemical Warfare XMAS Party and here @ The Mass, Brixton

Set in the shell of a converted church, Mass is a 3-room club offering 90K sound, lasers & visuals, 4 bars, seating and a friendly atmosphere“, this will be one occasion where I gladly enter a church!! 😀

Jack Luppi and Chris Liberator are back for this Chemical Warfare, but best of all, D.A.V.E the Drummer is playing.

If he’s near as good as when I saw him play at Teriyaki Anarki Saki (Hi-Fi Bar) then.. excuse my French.. FSCKING WOO!!!

Name-Drop: Dan will be ‘Managing Director of Carnage’ (or something) on both nights. He was in the DJ lineup along with DtD that fateful night at Teriyaki!

Bring back Dan on the decks! Bring back Dan on the decks! 😀

Franz Ferdinand, Alexandra Palace, London, Dec 3rd

Franz Ferdinand storm Alexandra Palace

After 101 train changes Dan and I arrived at (insert station name here) and wandered into the nearest pub, The Gate. No one to be found. Calls made.

“Oh, you’re not there yet? Thought you were gonna be there from 4? It’s called the Starting Gate? Oh, it WAS called the Starting Gate.. “.

Inside for a pint, my drinking ban disappearing faster than you can say “Dan, can I borrow 20 quid?”.

Soon spotted Leeds Paul and Co. approaching..

Then Shaun and 10? cohorts arrive..

And then..

I’ve left this post way too long and I’m giving up. Franz Ferdinand rock in the studio and they rock live. Had a frickin’ ball!! They rocked the house!! (insert a bunch more sickly-sweet positive remarks here!)

Franz Ferdinand – “You Could Have It So Much Better” album review

Toilet Theory #1 – Techno, The Thinking Man's Music

Techno is the thinking man’s music. It has no lyrics, save for the occasional vocal sample. It is simply a collection of tones strung out over repeating percussion. With little lyrical content the listener is free to think of their own words, free to attach moods to the tones, free to solve that calculus problem that stumped them at uni five years ago..

The rantings and whinings of the artist are not included. Techno does not burden me with someone else’s lost loves. Emotion can certainly be construed through clever combination of sounds, but it does not ‘tell me’ what to be happy/miserable/puzzled about.. I get to do all that myself. Hence, techno is the thinking person’s music.

Obscene, Dirty, Filthy, Immoral … aww yeah!

Currently Listening To (CLT): ‘Gene Hoffmann’s NYE 2004 Mix’ (you’re even more famous now Gene! ;)) and I wanted to find the name of the track with the “Obscene, Dirty, Filthy, Immoral.. aww yeah!” sample in it.

Google found me this.

The sample turns out to be from a track “Dirty” by Dirty, at least, in its Prog House form. The tech mix I have could be by anyone!

Sony aren't all bad..

After 10+ years of use, my Sony Walkman ‘bud’ earphones finally died on one side. The wire appears to be broken (jiggle it and it works). Not bad value!

They were low-end Fontopid buds that came with a (still working) Walkman. I think it was an xmas gift from M&D because my brothers had the same thing.

Later on they were used with a Sony Psyc Discman (free from HP.. cheers guys!) and finally on an iPod (free from Open Windows.. cheers guys!).

For all those years of loyal service I decided to replace them with another set of Fontopid buds: MDR-E828LP’s to be exact. $25.50AUD from JB HiFi in Eastland.

Picked up 5th Element Collector’s Edition DVD while I was there.

Slick Home Entertainment System

Very excited!

Not only did I refit the slicks to the GTSS, after running 2.3″ Tioga Factory DH since the Kona 24hr, making it so fast it pedals itself up the hills..

I also found, finally, Lazaro’s Dog – “Home Entertainment System”!!

“Bup..bup…. bup..bup..banananana!!”

Yes.. it’s the tune from the JVC ad! Woo! Finally! In my hot little hands!!


I got hold of one of my favourite pieces of classical music (yeah, this tekno-head can appreciate some classical!) by Grieg.

To be more precise, it’s “IV, In the Hall of the Mountain King” from the “Peer Gynt Suite”.

I think I first heard it, as a kid, in an Astroboy (Atom to the Japanese) episode?

Email me if you know what I’m talking about!