Borat – The Movie

Oh man!

Mal and I were sunning ourselves in Haven Green on the weekend and a guy approached us asking to do market research. Unlike most people, I actually like getting my opinion across in these sort of things and when he said we’d get free movie tickets and it’d only take a minute or two.. well.. schweet!!

After providing him with my fake details (hehe sucker!) and answering things like “Yes, I am a fan of the Ali G show” he gave us tickets to a preview screening of “Borat – The Movie”!!

When we arrived Tuesday night, the Ealing cinema was all locked down and video camera’d up.

They were taking cameras and camera-phones off everyone and putting them in plastic bags! I’d left all my phones at home (yeah, all three, I just bought a new one and I’m waiting for the number to transfer while I use up the last of my Virgin pay-as-you-go) and then we had to fill in more forms – with more fake details (hehe suckers!).

The movie. It was fscking funny!!! Very fscking funny. But if it actually gets released to the public… man, total fluke!!

I mean it offended everyone!! It was awesome It was sick.. we are talking sixty nine, guy on guy, fully naked in one scene, Americans shown to be rednecked as ever, ghey parade groping each other, heaps of anti j e w stuff, anti woman stuff.. it was fscking full on and DAMN FUNNY (for me, being a white, non-religious male).

I know why there’s no Ali G any more.. it’s because the guy is in fscking prison in the US!!!

One of the questions on the survery at the end of the movie was “Would 20th Century Fox distributing the movie would affect your opinion of the film?”

I didn’t think 20th Century Fox would touch this with a barge pole but if they do – cool. So, is Mr Cohen in jail in the US or what? How much was “really real”?

They were filming viewer comments after the screening for ads I guess but we were too shy for that kind of thing 🙂 See it if you can. I will be interested in how much they cut out..

G&S, Gerds (a mate of mine here from Oz staying here for the weekend) and I are off to Finnegan’s Wake (biggest screen in Ealing!) to watch Oz beat Brazil in the World Cup!

Real Football

No cycling here Chop. There’s so much interest in the World Cup here (featuring a game called “soccer” for those back in Oz) and this is a funny take-off of the Nike Football ad. I was never this clever at uni: